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Happy Children After A Divorce? It’s Possible.

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Child Custody, Divorce |

One of the main reasons why unhappily married couples delay divorce is because of their children. Many parents have the firm belief that their children will cease to be happy or go through a sort of trauma in response to their parents getting divorced. While this is certainly possible, it depends to a very large extent not on whether parents go through a divorce, but how they handle the divorce.

Emotionally mature parents who are able to manage divorce-related disputes without it negatively affecting their children have a good chance of maintaining their children’s happiness and sense of well-being during and after divorce. The following is an overview of tips to follow if you want to ensure that your children are still happy after a divorce.

Remember that children need emotionally stable parents

Children thrive when their parents offer a strong support system and are emotionally stable. Therefore, if you are able to manage the divorce successfully and resolve any concerns that your child may have, there is no reason why your child will suffer.

Children will be happy if their needs are met

Children don’t need to go on exotic vacations, get luxurious gifts or live in a huge house to be happy. They only need to have their basic needs met: They need food, safe housing and emotional support. While your financial situation may change after divorce, as long as you are able to provide for your child, it will not affect their happiness.

Having good parents is more important than having happy parents

Parents do not need to be married or living in the same household to be fully functioning parents. Children are known to thrive when they have good relationships with their parents, regardless of whether they are living with them.

If you are considering going through a divorce but you are worried about how it may affect your children, it is important that you understand the process in full.