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Tips for successful co-parenting

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Child Custody, Divorce |

Co-parenting children comes with its own set of challenges and it can be difficult for parents, even for the most well-intentioned ones. There are often obstacles to overcome before reaching an arrangement that provides stability for the child and that works for both parents. It is a balancing act between the parents and trying to make the arrangement as easy as possible for the children is critical.

Suggestions for preventing or reducing conflict between co-parents include:


Communication is critical in every relationship. Even after a divorce, parents are still tied to each other because of the children they share, which can be stressful at times, especially when the parties try to move on with their personal lives.

However, effective communication is one of the most essential things co-parents can do. Keeping the lines of communication open, being respectful of one another and avoiding the practice of putting the children in the middle are great ways to avoid disputes between the parents.

Be flexible       

No parent is perfect, and even though parents may have an excellent parenting plan that works for everyone, sometimes things come up. Life can be unpredictable and unexpected events happen, resulting in a need for flexibility in schedules or plans. It is vital for parents to understand that being flexible is mutually beneficial and it sets a good example for the children.

Remain positive

Expressing a positive attitude toward the other parent can truly make a difference in your co-parenting arrangement. When parents are willing to collaborate and work together to foster a positive co-parenting environment for the children it makes the situation easier on everyone, especially the children.

Studies show that children do much better when their parents co-parent responsibly. Remember that while you divorced your spouse, you did not divorce your children. It is key to keep in mind the responsibilities that parents continue to have in raising their children well.

Co-parenting can be wonderful, and even the most well-intentioned parents may sometimes clash or have disagreements, which is why it is critical to keep the lines of communication open, to remain flexible and to approach co-parenting with a positive attitude.