Planting The Seeds For A Future

You Can Be Happy With

Planting The Seeds For A Future

You Can Be Happy With

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We Prioritize Your Family’s Future

Family issues such as divorce and child custody are hard – not only emotionally, but also logistically. However, finding a peaceful solution often serves families better than clashing in bitter court disputes.

At the Law Offices of Jayson A. Soobitsky, P.A., we approach legal challenges with creativity and compassion. Instead of fighting to win the battle, we innovate to give you a path forward. In those cases where a fight is necessary, we are fierce advocates, in and out of the courtroom. Call us at 410-709-3171 for practical family law guidance in Maryland.

A Team Focused On Positive Outcomes

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We use our legal experience to find the right solution for each situation. Our lawyers frequently use negotiation and mediation strategies to maximize flexibility. We are also determined litigators if trial becomes necessary to protect you or your children. You can count on us to design a customized plan that works for your family and your future.

Personal, Attentive Service Can Reduce Your Stress

Helping families overcome difficult moments in life is our passion. We respect our clients no matter what challenges they may be facing. Whether the issue is child support determination, divorce, estate planning or another family-related matter, you deserve skilled support.

Our role is neither to judge you, nor to escalate an already tough situation; our purpose is to truly help you. We will treat your legal challenge as a complex puzzle that needs a personalized solution. A significant part of our role is to manage the paperwork, court procedures, and case details for you, giving you more time to focus on your life.

We also keep open lines of communication throughout each case. We will keep you informed of your options and answer  any questions you have along the way. We offer straightforward counsel that focuses on building a strong foundation for the years to come.

Call Attorneys Who Value Your Future

Your future is too important to fall to the wayside when addressing a legal issue. If you have questions or need legal advice, call 410-709-3171 or email our team in Columbia. We will listen to you and develop an honest assessment of your case.