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How a co-parent can address consistently late custody exchanges

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2024 | Child Custody |

Sharing custody can be a source of frustration, as most people do not relish the idea of frequently interacting with a former romantic partner. They may also resent the need to spend weekends and holidays separated from their children. Most co-parents eventually work out an arrangement in which they cooperate with one another and uphold the custody order approved by the courts.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to abide by custody orders and go out of their way to cause problems. They might consistently show up late for custody exchanges, causing delays and inconveniencing other parents while simultaneously reducing how much time they can spend with their children. How do parents frustrated by late custody exchanges address the issue?

By documenting the issue

Simply complaining about delayed custody exchanges does nothing to remedy the situation. Those who want their full time with their children and to make it to work or scheduled appointments on time need evidence about what has occurred. Keeping consistent records of every late custody exchange and any real-world consequences generated by those seemingly minor custody order violations is important. One parent can potentially show a significant impact on their parenting time and life. They can also establish that the issue is a habitual one, not just a one-time occurrence.

By using a parenting app

Some people lack the organizational skills to manage co-parenting without support. It should not fall on the other adult in the family to remind them when they need to leave for a custody exchange. The consistent use of a parenting app can help by keeping all of the family’s custody information in one place. Someone unsure about when they need to meet their co-parent can use a co-parenting app to validate the schedule and any adjustments they may have recently made. Parenting apps can also provide a documented form of communication when people must address co-parenting challenges.

By asking for a modification

If using a parenting app and communicating about the issue directly do not lead to improved custody exchanges, going back to court might be an option. Family courts can approve custody modifications in scenarios that involve repeat custody violations. In extreme cases, a judge might even hold one parent in contempt of court because of their refusal to abide by the existing custody order.

Taking action, instead of just letting frustrations simmer, may be a smart move for those co-parenting with someone who shows up late consistently.